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Pauline von Metternich 1836- 1921
Princess Pauline von Metternich was born to a noble family in Vienna and grew up to be quite the oddity of high society in the city. In 1856, Pauline married her uncle, with whom she traveled for diplomacy. She became an important figure in cultural life in Europe and was often found in the presence of Napoleon III.  
What made Pauline stand out was her obscure antics at various social gatherings. At a ball with the Princess, one could find her standing on her head, dancing jigs and even smoking in public… the horror!
In 1892, rumors spread that the lady took part in a duel. Pauline had an argument with Countess Kilmannsegg, the president of the Ladies’ Committee of the Exhibition. They had a disagreement over some arrangements for the exhibition that was so serious it could only be settled by blood. Both ladies were wounded in the duel but neither killed, thanks to the more level headed friends of the two. They fought with Rapiers, long swords designed for stabbing. The two also fought topless, to avoid infection.

The Princess was cut on the nose and the Countess was wounded on the arm. Their wounds were attended to by a Polish woman of medicine. This was the first duel with all female participants and all female seconds which was attended to by a female doctor who urged the women to fight topless. 

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Some anti-slut shaming by Kat Dennings to start your day


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Organica - Bonni Reid
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